Irina Elkina is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in Geneva's Art world. 

Many of Irina's abstract works can be found amongst private art collections in Monaco, Paris, London, Moscow and Switzerland.

Born in Russia, Irina Elkina has lived and worked in Geneva for 10 years. She studied fine arts, anatomy and composition.
A holder of a "red diploma" from the prestigious Moscow Design University, Irina found success with her fashion designs, published in famous magazines like Vogue. 

Irina however refocused her creative talents on classic art, as she found the commercial aspect of design negatively impacted her creativity. 

After moving to London, she developed a passion for  “Life Drawing and Painting”. This passion is infused in her Abstract art.

With Influences from Russian Avangard and Wassily Kandinsky, her works however are more often compared to those of Jackson Pollock, probably because of her combined love for experimentation with new techniques and colours.